You're different.

Let's celebrate that...

A one-on-one approach to dance technique, performance, conditioning and mentorship, built on values of body positivity and healthy self esteem.

Everyone moves and learns differently, so why try to fit the mold? 

We take shame and comparison out of the dance training experience.

The Academy NYLA celebrates every dancer's differences and creates a customized curriculum based on their schedule, strengths and opportunities for improvement.


Private Lessons are a pre-requisite for ensemble opportunities.


Choose a Pathway 

Image by Caleb Woods


For the beginner! The Explore Pathway introduces dancers to the fundamentals of Ballet, Jazz, Tumbling, Hip Hop and Tap. Musicality, rhythm and self expression are emphasized in each lesson.  



The Empower Pathway is designed for the competitive dancer. Dancers will train and prepare for competitions as soloists with an option for additional group work.



Intermediate and Advanced dancers follow the Foster Pathway, choosing a genre to focus on. Curriculum is built around each dancer's specific needs and personal goals. 



Auditions, Castings, and Gigs oh my! Ready to step into the professional scene? The Succeed Pathway will prepare dancers for the Entertainment Industry and provide access to Talent Agencies. 


Step 1:   

Apply for Admission

*Admission into the Academy is not guaranteed*

Step 2:  

Choose Your 'Pathway'

Once accepted, each artist, accompanied by their guardian, will have a complimentary consultation session with the Artistic Director, to set goals, discuss scheduling options, and program expectations. 

Step 3:  

Get paired with a team of teachers who align with your goals

Step 4:

Book Your Sessions

Step 5:

 Get ready to celebrate yourself in every session!


What People Say...

"When I first met Michelle, I was a very,  “comfortable” dancer. I was content with where I was at, simply because I was afraid to challenge myself, and step out of my little world. Then... Michelle became my Contemporary teacher. I was so nervous because I had never taken her class before, and she was so experienced.

I struggled internally. I struggled a lot.

Mostly because I was so comfortable with where I was at, but at the same time was very insecure and lacked confidence.

-Kristen, New York Dancer